Spanking Games


Life isn't all about punishment thrashings. We frequently engage in fun games. Normally, when Robert submits to me for a thrashing he has the luxury of off-loading all the responsibility of decision making onto my shoulders. Sometimes it's nice to be relieved of that burden, so instead of me deciding how severely Robert is thrashed, I let a dice or a set of cards decide for me. Of course, if at any stage during the games we play I decide that I am prepared to burden myself with some decision making, it's easy, I cheat. This sometimes becomes an attractive proposition when I think Robert is having too much luck with his dice. It doesn't happen that often because the dice are so heavily weighed against him.

Even though the games are played for amusement and are not regarded as punishment for any offence, the strokes are administered just as hard (it's the only way I know) and my golden rules still apply and are rigidly enforced.

Most of our games require that a small table is placed in front of the whipping bench so Robert can see the cards or dice. I tend to favour the cane and the tawse, but the games are suitable for any variation of spanking.

The following are descriptions of some of the fun games we play. All the games listed start with the same rule: SECURE ROBERT OVER THE WHIPPING BENCH, NAKED AND HAVE A SELECTION OF CANES AND TAWSES TO HAND.


I use about half a pack of cards for this game, but I make sure I include at least one joker. I shuffle them well then lay them out, face down in front of Robert. I make sure they are in orderly rows to make it easier for him to explain which cards he wants turned (as he is obviously strapped to the whipping bench).

I then invite him to select two cards for me to turn. If the two cards make a pair, I remove them from the table. If they don't I administer one hard stroke of the tawse to his bare bottom, then return the two cards he selected face down again and invite him to select another two. He needs to try to remember the cards as they are turned.

The game progresses along these lines, each time he manages to turn a matching pair they are removed from the table and he escapes the tawse. Each time he selects two cards that do not make a pair he receives a stroke of the tawse, before they are turned face down again. He is forbidden to play to a pattern, so if I notice he is selecting cards in anything other than a random manner I will pick them up, shuffle them, then lay them back out in front of him, and if he does it again I may also add cards.

The exception is the jokers: each time he selects a joker as one of a non-matching pair he receives six strokes of the tawse, so he will be very wise to try to remember where these are. Obviously, as the game is played with only half a pack of cards, there may be several cards on the table that cannot be matched as part of a pair.

The game finishes when Robert declares that he thinks he has found all the matching pairs there are to be found, OR I decide that it has gone on long enough and I am getting fed up with his lack of progress. At this point I will turn all the remaining cards face up. There is a very painful end to this game if I am able to make up any pairs that he has missed:

Six strokes of the cane for each pair missed plus twelve strokes if the jokers have been missed. Furthermore, I add three strokes for any card that was not turned at all and one stroke for each time a card was turned more than once.

The final caning is administered hard and without pauses, but that's just my personal preference. Penalties for any fuss are then added to this.

Of course the game can be tailored to produce different levels of severity by varying the number of cards used or varying the implements and number of strokes prescribed. Played using the numbers and implements I have suggested above usually results in a satisfyingly severe thrashing for Robert.


Toss a dice and administer the number of strokes shown, unless it shows 'six, in which case toss again and add the scores together and administer the total. Keep a record of the number of strokes administered.

Repeat the above procedure five more times, each time recording the number of strokes. Add together the six totals and administer as a final caning with no pauses.

Obviously, this game can incorporate the cane, tawse, or any other implement. On one occasion I used the tawse for the first part and the cane for the final accumulated total – that worked well. 


 When I was a young girl we always played Monopoly after Christmas dinner. My Father and brother took it so seriously. I didn't and I always lost. That's changed now. Now I've modified the rules and I always win.

In the standard game of Monopoly every player starts with the same amount of money, so each has an equal chance of victory. Of course, real life isn't fair like that. Some start out with advantages and privileges that others don't have. I like to think that my version of Monopoly is closer to real life than the original game. In my version I start out with more money and more opportunities than Robert. He does, in theory, have a remote chance of winning, but he never does and he soon finds himself with mounting debts. I expect you can guess what happens to him when he is unable to pay me rent.

I don't propose to explain the rules of Monopoly, I'll assume you already know. I'll just explain the changes I make:

In the UK version, all players start with the same amount of money, £1,500. In my version, Robert starts with £500 and I start out with £2,500.

In the original game the first player to throw a double with the two dice sets off around the board from 'GO', followed by the others. In my version I start off first and make two circuits of the board, buying up property as I do, before Robert is allowed to start.

I have two roles in the game – I am player one and bank manager. Robert is player two.

The game concludes when Robert declares himself bankrupt. He can do this at any stage, but is encouraged to play on as long as he can because the penalty for bankruptcy starts at fifty strokes of the cane, but this figure reduces by three strokes each time he passes 'GO'.

As Robert sets off on his doomed journey around the board he soon begins to incur rent demands from my rapidly expanding property empire. I demand that all rents are paid immediately and if he has insufficient funds I suggest he talks to his bank manager (also me).

As Robert's bank manager, I am usually happy to lend him money to service his debts, although I am less inclined to lend him money to buy property. However, each time he wants an interview there is an arrangement fee – typically, four strokes of the tawse. Once he has taken this to my satisfaction I am prepared to listen to him. If I agree to lend him money we will agree the interest payable on the loan. This might typically be a stroke of the tawse for every £100 borrowed each time he passes GO. As bank manager, I reserve the right to amend arrangement fees and interest terms at any time – just as real banks do.

Obviously, the tawse and cane are administered as hard as possible on his bare bottom. Rules regarding fuss will apply and will be rigorously enforced. I usually suggest, as a kindness, that he is strapped down over the whipping bench for the final caning to reduce the need for penalty strokes being added.

Robert will usually declare himself bankrupt when the interest tawsings he is receiving each time he passes 'GO' are approaching the severity of his gradually reducing bankruptcy caning. I will be fabulously rich and Robert will be penniless with a very sore bottom.



With Robert secured over the whipping bench, I write down on a piece of paper how many strokes of the cane or tawse (or both) I consider Robert deserves for the particular offence he is being punished for (or each offence if there is more than one). Making sure the number(s) remains unseen by Robert, I order him to guess my number(s). If his guess is more than my number he receives the higher number. If his guess is lower than my number he receives the higher number plus the difference between the two numbers.



I shuffle whole pack of cards and place them face down in front of Robert. He will already be secured over the whipping bench, bare bottom quivering in anticipation. With canes and tawses to hand, the game can begin.

I begin to turn the cards, about one every 30 seconds, each time administering the following VERY HARD:

Aces = 12 strokes, Kings = 6 strokes, Queens 3 strokes, Jacks = 2 strokes, All other cards = 1 stroke, except Jokers, which if turned are put to one side – each adds 12 strokes to the final caning or tawsing.

I usually administer the tawse each time a black card is turned and the cane when the card is red.

The game is complete when Robert has received both a 6 and 12 stroke thrashing with both the tawse and the cane, plus additions for any jokers, plus additional strokes for any penalties (there always are).



Robert and I sometimes hold our own private quiz night. Obviously, he will be naked and strapped over the whipping bench, and I will be the Quiz Mistress. Questions can be general knowledge, or any other subject that I choose. Mental arithmetic questions will have a time limit. Wrong answers will result in strokes of the cane or tawse. I sometimes escalate the punishments, so the first wrong answer might result in one stroke, the second wrong answer will earn him two strokes... and so on.

I once gave Robert five minutes to read and learn everything he could about the House of Lords from Wikipedia. I then set him ten rather obscure questions. He got every question wrong and ended up with a very sore bottom indeed. As you may have deduced by now, he always does.



This is fun to try if you want use a variety of implements, and if you use the numbers suggested here you can guarantee that the game will produce a very sore bottom. You will need six implements, a six sided dice, a piece of paper and pen, and a victim secured naked over a whipping bench. Allocate a number to each implement (1 – 6), then draw up a chart, such as this:

1. Slipper         2 4 6 12

2. Tawse           2 4 6 12

3. Hairbrush     2 4 6 12

4. Cane             2 4 6 12

5. Hellstrap       2 4 6 12

6. Whip             2 4 6 12

With everything set up, toss the dice to decide which implement is to be used. Let's say, for example, that the dice shows a 5. Simply administer 2 strokes with the hellstrap, then cross through the 2 next to hellstrap with one diagonal line. The next time the dice shows 5 you will administer 4 strokes, and the time after that 6 strokes, and so on. Each time an implement is used for the first time, the sentence is 2 strokes, the second time, 4 strokes, and so on. Simple. In this game I would not consider the game over until after I have at least administered my first batch of twelve strokes.

However, if you are in the mood to produce a really sore bottom, why not continue the game until you have administered 12 stroke batches with two implements. In this case, when you have reached 12 strokes for the first time, go back to the start with this particular implement (2 strokes), then cross off numbers with a second line. You can make the game more or less severe by changing the numbers, but the above are my default.

When I played this game with Robert recently I decided that nothing less than perfection would suffice, so if even one stroke of a particular batch was below par in any way, or if he made the slightest fuss or noise, then I made it a policy to repeat the whole batch. Perhaps a little unfair on poor Robert, but he has long since learned that life can often be unfair, especially with Annie Bee as a partner.



With Robert secured over the whipping bench, I arrange three implements in front of him, then allocate each with the throw of a six sided dice, something like this:

1 - 2 = Cane

3 - 4 = Tawse

5 - 6 = Hellstrap

I toss the dice to select an implement, then administer six hard strokes with the chosen implement. The game continues like this, each time administering six strokes with the selected implement, until he has received a minimum of six strokes with each implement. I then decide on which implement I will use for a twelve stroke finale. I write it down, out of his sight, then invite him to guess my choice. If he guesses correctly, he receives the twelve strokes, and the game ends. However, if he guesses wrong, he receives twelve strokes with the implement he chose, and is then invited to guess again.

The game continues until he guesses correctly.

On one occasion, when I really was in the mood to thrash Robert, I chose my extra heavy Lochgelly tawse as the implement for the twelve stroke finale. This implement was not one of the three implements that I had used in the dice game, so Robert wrongly guessed his way through all three, each time receiving twelve strokes with his incorrect guess, until he realised what I had done. He complained that it wasn’t fair. He was right, I suppose, but I reminded him that life sometimes isn’t fair. I also reminded him that aiming accusations at me, while still secured over the whipping bench with his bare bottom presented for punishment, was most unwise. To prove my point, I increased the finale with the extra heavy Lochgelly tawse to twenty-four strokes. My goodness, what a fuss he made!



I always like to have Robert strapped down over our whipping bench for my games. I set a small table in front of him for this one so he can watch his fate unfold. I list 1 - 6 on a piece of paper, then toss a dice. I mark a ‘tick’ against the number on the list shown by the dice, then administer that number of strokes across his bare bottom with my hellstrap *. Then I toss the dice again, repeating the process. The game continues like this, each time administering the strokes shown by the dice, and placing a tick against the number on the list. When a number is thrown for a second time, I place a second tick against the number on the list and administer the same number of strokes. I then follow the same process when a number is thrown for the third or fourth time, etc. The game continues until every number on the list has at least one tick** against it. I add up the total number of ticks I have added to the list, then administer that number with my Lochgelly tawse, then again with the cane. All strokes are invariably administered hard (it’s the only way I know). The delightful feature of this game is that Robert never knows how long it will continue, but he does know that the longer it does, the more uncomfortable it will be for him to sit down for a few days.  

My hellstrap is a particularly spiteful, shortened tawse. Robert assures me that it stings like the devil. You can use any implement of your choice.

** For a more challenging game, continue until each number has at least two ticks against it.



Thank you for reading my ideas for spanking games. I hope you've enjoyed them and perhaps I've even given you something to think about and enjoy.



Annie Bee 2014 (updated 2020)