Amanda Barrington

Amanda Barrington is pen name I have used to write a different style of BDSM stories. They are told from the point of view of the dominant lady rather that the male submissives in my Annie Bee Books.

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Emily always knew she had a cruel streak and decided early in her life to make use of her sadistic talents. However, merely becoming a paid disciplinarian was not enough. She wanted it all on her own terms.

Her answer was the "Theatre of Correction" where unwilling guests would be forced to submit to her cruel desires.

Warning: Contains strong depictions of BDSM and scenes of a sexual nature. This story is intended for adults only.

Martha is a beautiful twenty-nine year old who has always been in denial of her fascination with corporal punishment. But this changes when she is employed by Zak. His arrogant and disrespectful behaviour brings out Martha's suppressed sadistic leanings and she discovers she has surprising talents when wielding implements of correction.

Encouraged by the successful correction of her arrogant and disrespectful boss, Zak, Martha is now on a mission to subject other deserving males to her excruciating and humiliating disciplinary procedures. With the assistance of her beautiful new friend, Caroline, they refine their techniques, resulting in some very sore bottoms.

‘Punishment Project Two’ by Amanda Barrington is a sequel to the popular story 'The Punishment Project'.

Martha and her beautiful, sadistic colleague, Caroline, continue their mission to correct and soundly punish deserving males. They hatch an outrageous plot to snare and thrash a well known chat show host, as well as other unsuspecting culprits. By the end of this latest adventure, four very sorry males have been expertly and enthusiastically introduced to the excruciating pain of canes and tawses biting severely into their bare bottoms.

Punishment Project Three follows on from the popular stories 'The Punishment Project' and 'Punishment Project Two' but can also be read alone.