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Anonymous Disciplinarian

When Daniel eventually finds the courage to confess his secret craving to be disciplined by a beautiful lady to a complete stranger, events move quickly, and he is left shocked by the pain when his fantasy becomes reality. Once over the shock Daniel finds that his craving has escalated and when he agrees to the outrageous suggestions made by an anonymous sadistic lady, he is introduced to submission at a new level.

Contract of Submission

Andrew is intrigued to discover that his two new female neighbours like to play spanking games when they think he is out. Spying on them becomes an obsession, and he knows he risks being found out. When he is caught, red handed, it should have been no surprise for him to find himself at the receiving end of sound and humiliating punishment. However, the involvement of his landlady is a very painful surprise, and his life will never be the same again.

Chess and Chastisement

Losing at chess can be a painful experience, but Miss Proctor takes it to another level when she decides to play against a work colleague she catches stealing. Just when Nick thinks his punishment can't get any more painful, Miss Proctor accepts the offer of help from a policewoman friend who is fed up with the lenient sentences handed down by the courts, and is delighted to demonstrate how she would like to see criminal behaviour punished.

Thrashed into Slavery

William had never been caned, but he had never forgotten the accounts told to him by his old friend, Caspar, as he recounted the severe canings his mother subjected him to when the pair of them misbehaved. Years later, when, by chance, he encounters the sister of Caspar’s strict mother, he would have never have dreamed that this meeting would trigger events that would lead him to being thrashed into slavery.

Horsed and Tawsed

When he buys a new camera, Peter enrols on a photography course in and old school house, and is soon under the spell of his beautiful tutor. Peter soon discovers that at weekends the premises is opened up to adult schoolboys who willingly submit to severe canings and tawsings at the hands of his photography tutor and her twin sister. The ultimate punishment for persistent offenders is to be horsed and tawsed. Will Peter push the boundaries to discover just how excruciating this is?

Total Obedience

Spencer thinks he has a problem when a key member of staff leaves his small company at short notice. However, her replacement, a stunning lady called Belinda, quickly picks up the reigns of his business, but not content with just that, she then takes control of him, demanding total obedience by means of strict discipline.

Thrashed in the Basement

Samuel thought of himself as a lady's man but Samuel's mistake was in writing down his 'conquests' in his office diary. Unfortunately for him, the diary found its way into the hands of a group of extremely sadistic ladies led by the ruthless Madam Astrid. Without doubt, he had to be punished - even if it meant kidnapping and holding him prisoner in a secret basement and thrashing him again and again until he had learnt his lesson.

Bared for the Birch

Gerard takes a job as a chef at an exclusive restaurant with the knowledge that the beautiful female proprietor, Madame LaCrosse, is notorious for whipping her staff. After witnessing the birching of one of the waitresses, he realises that his chances of being similarly punished are very high. Will he manage to avoid a thrashing from the birch when a customer complains about one of his dishes? There are several excruciating surprises in store for Gerard as he seeks to further his career.

Jonathan's Introduction to the Cane and Tawse

A young man is introduced to the agony and the ecstasy of the cane and the tawse at the hands of two respectable, but secretly sadistic ladies. Jonathan feels he has no option but to accept a sound caning when he inadvertantly causes damage to Mrs Weston's house. Unfortunately for Jonathan, he then upsets her friend, Mrs McKay, who happens to be a dab hand with the tawse.
As the punishments progress, the ladies feed off each other, and the canings and tawsings become increasingly severe.

jonathan's Introduction to the Paddle

A sequel to the very popular "Jonathan's Introduction to the Cane and Tawse". Jonathan has been living at Mrs Weston's house and accepting her orders and punishments for some time now, but when she organises a spanking and caning competition for friends using Jonathan's bottom as target practice, he panics and flees. In his bid for freedom he unwittingly lands himself at the mercy of a very sadistic lady (and her sister) only to be awarded a severe paddling - an implement he had not yet encountered.

Dancing Under the Cane

Crispin is very excited, but also frightened, when he learns he is to receive his first caning from Mrs Clarke, a neighbour who he finds very attractive. However, the experience is an anti-climax. He'd expected it to be agonising, but in the event he managed to take it quite easily, and concluded that he might have a high pain threshold.

Miss Armstrong's Lessons in Discipline

Jake works in accounts at Geraldine Frobisher's riding stables. Why does the elegant Miss Frobisher keep disappearing to the old house up on the hill? Is it something to do with the business losing money? Jake suspects that she is planning to sell up and he will be out of a job. He decides to find out, but his underhand spying techniques do not go as planned and before long he finds himself at the mercy of a very sadistic woman who is not only handy with a riding crop but an array of leather tawses too.

Office Discipline

Caroline's offer of a new job in a prestige real estate office seems too good to be true - a new top of the range car, exclusive gym membership, a generous clothes allowance, regular beauty treatments as well as a huge salary and bonuses. She soon finds out that there is a price to be paid. Her new employers expect perfection in her work or she must pay for her mistakes by accepting their rather unusual form of office discipline.

More Office Discipline

Sarah has a secret interest in BDSM, however, her inner desires remain just a dream until the anonymity of an internet forum tempts her to share her longings. Sarah's exceptional skills with the cane and tawse are spotted by none other than Celia, the sadistic boss at Lynn Properties and Sarah's life is changed forever. This book is a sequel to the hugely successful “Office Discipline” by the same author and includes the familiar characters of Caroline, Celia and Charles as well as the newcomer's Sarah, Victoria and Sally.

Discipline for the Whipping Boy

When Adam answers an advertisement for “Yacht Crew Wanted”, he thinks he has landed the holiday of a lifetime accompanied by three beautiful ladies – Madeline, Emelie and Amanda. Unfortunately for Adam, things do not go according to plan. Emelie is not so eager to have a man aboard as the others and soon manipulates a situation to land Adam in trouble. Once at sea there is no escape and Adam is forced to accept punishment after punishment from the three women.

An Inspector Canes

Timothy is a successful businessman. He has always run his company honestly so when the tax office send Miss Swift to inspect his accounts he has nothing to fear. When he catches the tax inspector snooping through his personal belongings, he decides to take revenge. Little does he know that Miss Swift is very much in control when it comes to dishing out punishments and the tables are soon turned.

The Landlady's Punishment Book

James is looking for accomodation and when Miss Hargreaves offers him rooms in her spacious house at a very favourable rate he can't believe his luck. That is until he starts snooping around and stumbles across an unusual regime between his new landlady and her maid. It isn't long before James is drawn into the sadistic goings on in Miss Hargreaves' household and very quickly he finds his own name the next to be written in the notorious punishment book.

The Strict Piano Teacher

Karl decides to take piano lessons and very quickly falls under the spell of his beautiful piano teacher, Felicity Winters. He quickly discovers that she has some quite painful teaching methods. He soon decides that she is probably the most sadistic lady he has met – that is until he meets her agent, Kristin Snyder. A story of dominant females taking pleasure in the thrashing by cane and tawse of one man. Suitable for broad-minded adults only.

Tails of the Tawse

When Penny accepts a domestic position in a wealthy household she soon discovers that Miss X, one of the household, has erotic spanking plans for her. But the identity of Miss X remains a secret. A fearsome tawse in a desk drawer is a frightening discovery for Penny, and with good reason, because it's not long before it is put to enthusiastic use. This is a sensual story of female domination and female submission, suitable for adults only.

Aunty's Hairbrush

When the threat of a sound bare bottom spanking with a hairbrush from his aunty never materialises, it leaves Toby both relieved, but strangely frustrated. Years later he inherits a fortune from the same aunt, little realising that the events that follow will lead to him discovering just how painful the hairbrush can be. But it doesn't end there, and Toby finds himself at the receiving end of thrashings at the hands of two sadistic ladies that redefine agony.

Caned Beyond Pain

When Warren eventually plucks up the courage to indulge in his fantasy of being caned by a beautiful disciplinarian, he realises it will be an exciting, but painful, experience. However, when the accomplished Miss C P Marks gets her hands on him he is in for a real shock. His understanding of pain and pleasure are re-defined.

Secret Caning Regime

Jacqueline, a prim librarian, and her sister, have a secret. When she becomes friendly with Jack, a writer, he accidentally discovers their secret. Jack is fascinated and excited by his discovery and he finds himself drawn into their sadistic regime.

Masquerade Discipline

James harbours a secret desire to be disciplined by a beautiful woman. When he clumsily leaves evidence of his secret on his office desk he soon discovers that one of the many ladies in his office has not only discovered his secret, but but is intent on turning his fantasy into reality. However, she is determined to do so without revealing her identity. James is in for a shock!

The Cane Sings for Mrs Wagner

The offer of free music lessons to an attractive young lady leads to more than just a few dates. Sebastian is smitten with Heide, but it is her mother Edith who holds his attention when she introduces him to the cane. "Sebastian watched with fascination as the twin white ridges across the centre of Edith's bottom gradually changed colour to red, then crimson. He was impressed by how well Edith had taken a stroke and he was just a little disappointed not to have produced a more vocal response. Never mind, perhaps stroke number two would coax more reaction."

Spanking Games

When Charles finds himself in a boring job he takes up 'people watching' to help pass the time. It is while engaged in this that he first notices a mysterious and reclusive 'lady in grey'. Little does he realise that his determination to find out more about this intriguing lady will lead to suppressed cravings being awakened and subsequently to him discovering the agony and ecstasy of sound spankings and severe canings. Romance is also is also in the air, but will it survive a wild spanking game with another lady?

Punishment Chamber

Losing his mobile phone that contained all his contacts, compounds problems for Neil as he is already running away from his debts. He finds himself in a desperate situation, but a chance meeting with a mysterious lady leads to him finding his way in life – but at a cost. He soon discovers she is an enthusiastic disciplinarian, and when his luck suddenly takes another turn for the worse, he has no option but to throw himself at her mercy.

Allure of the Cane

When Matt has a chance encounter with a beautiful con-artist, he is amazed by her brazenness. His fascination with her develops into infatuation, especially when he discovers that she enjoys administering discipline. When she turns fantasy into painful reality, he is shocked, and his first step towards submission appears to be his last. However, the allure remains and Matt's punishment journey is punctuated by drama, excitement, risk and agony. His life will never be the same again.

I have several short stories available on Amazon too. Also available is a paperback book containing a collection of three longer stories and one of the short stories.

Four of the Best (Paperback Book)

A collection of four erotic spanking stories by Annie Bee whose motto is "Always hard, always on the bare, never less than a dozen". This book contains a collection of four of the very popular stories from Annie Bee which have previously been published as eBooks: Jonathan's Introduction to the Cane and Tawse, Office Discipline, Miss Armstrong's Lessons in Discipline and
An Appointment with Miss Annie Bee.