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Maintenance and Revenge Canings

Story one: Hugo inadvertently sends an email to the wrong address and discovers, to his dismay, that his secret need for discipline is a secret no more. He then finds he has an admirer who will be only too happy to administer the punishment he craves.

Story two: Eleanor regards her wealthy neighbour, Jeremy, as an enemy and they share a dark past. When an unfortunate event prompts Jeremy to seek Eleanor's co-operation, she uses the opportunity to execute a painful revenge.

Spanking Rendezvous

When Tom finds himself to be the only male in an adult education class he is pleasantly surprised. But his reaction to classroom banter is noticed by a perceptive classmate, and she decides his fantasy should become reality. Tom is in for a very painful, but erotic surprise.

A short story with a BDSM theme involving dominant ladies.

STORY ONE – The Bite of the Whip
George is intrigued when he meets Zara who holds a fascination for whips. He's shocked how painful the whip proves to be but nowhere near as shocked as when Zara's mother takes the whip to him.

STORY TWO – The Bite of the Cane
Sebastian's first taste of the cane from Miss Winters was agonising, even through clothes, but he finds himself fantasising about being caned by her on the bare.

The Gym Mistress Canes Hard

Jason has never forgotten the severe caning he received as a schoolboy at the hands of Miss Keen, and lately it has been on his mind - a lot. Imagine his shock, whilst interviewing candidates for a new PA, when in walks his former Gym Mistress - the very lady who dished out his corporal punishment all those years ago. Will she recognize him? Will she recall the agony she forced him to endure? But more importantly will he hire her knowing very well her sadistic nature? 

The Gym Mistress's Revenge Caning

A sequel to the popular "The Gym Mistress Canes Hard".

Jason has employed Miss Knowles, the gym mistress from his school-days, and she has proved to be as sadistic as ever. But now, Jason has been ordered by management to make some redundancies and the feared Miss Knowles is one of them! Will he be able to tell her the news and what will be the consequences if he does dare to dismiss her?

The Strict French Mistress

Paul is caught up in a snowstorm on his route home from work and finds himself invited into the home of a beautiful French lady. It seems too good to be true when she offers him free French lessons, the very language he has been trying to learn at night school - but there is a different type of price to pay for these lessons. If Paul's homework is not seen to be perfect, then Céline, his teacher has a very special way of punishing his mistakes.

Two Tales of Discipline

Whipped in the Hay Barn

Tom is pleased when Lucy, the daughter of his boss, is put in charge of the garden centre he works at. Lucy also runs the riding school, and is often seen carrying a whip. Tom soon discovers that she likes to use it.

Inexperienced Landlord

When Keith, a successful author, becomes an accidental landlord, he becomes besotted by a Isabelle, his beautiful tenant. Keith is later shocked to discover that administering discipline is her main occupation. The events that follow result in Keith writing his most successful book.

Ladies With Whips

Story One - The Lady's Whip

Stepping back in time to the Victorian era, a severe whipping of a stable boy by the lady of the house is described in some detail, after which the whip goes missing. The same whip is eventually put back to enthusiastic use when it is brought out of retirement over a hundred years later.

Story Two - Kiss of the Whip

 Steven moves house to discover that he has two beautiful new neighbours. When one of them begins to suspect he has a need for discipline, she is delighted to put her riding whip to use.


Deceived and Caned
Rupert's flirting in the office has been noticed by Mary, who after her divorce holds a grudge against deceitful men. Rupert , oblivious to the punishment being planned for him, finds his curiosity in bondage to be the bait that traps him.

Be Careful What You Ask For
Stephen imaginins being caned and when he decides to turn his caning fantasy into reality he discovers, too late, just how agonising the cane can be.

Both stories contain scenes of corporal punishment and are intended for adults only. Not for the faint-hearted.

One Caning is Never Enough

When Terence feels that his life needs a change in direction he decides to step outside his comfort zone to see what happens. Little does he know just how uncomfortable sitting down will be when he makes the acquaintance of Miss Sophie Croft.
A short story involving severe corporal punishment.

Fantasy to Reality

Sam becomes infatuated with Isabelle, a girl he works with. He develops a secret fantasy about being dominated and spanked by her until it becomes an obsession. But he lacks the courage to disclose his feelings to Isabelle and begins to believe that he will be condemned to indefinite frustration. However, an apparent chance meeting with an attractive neighbour walking her dog results in his fantasy becoming excruciating reality.

Caned at the Mill


When Edward rents a room at an ancient mill during a restoration project he quickly discovers that there is an extraordinary 'chemistry' between himself and the eccentric mill owner, Miss Emily Grey. This 'chemistry' not only injects new life into the restoration project, but also awakens darker, suppressed and erotic desires. A hidden regime of increasingly severe corporal punishment evolves and past spirits are stirred.

Two Sore Bottoms
Spanked to Tears

Jake’s past anti-social behaviour catches up with him when he has to face, then accept a sound spanking from one of his previous victims. Little does he realise that this is just the beginning of his acquaintance with the fierce sting of the hairbrush.
Hypnotised then Thrashed

Alex needs to loose some weight to keep his job as a male model. When he tries hypnotherapy, his beautiful hypnotherapist discovers some interesting desires hiding inside. She then delights in administering the punishment he has been secretly yearning for, and Alex discovers just how excruciating the cane can be when applied hard to a bare bottom.

Two More Sore Bottoms
Two short stories of male submission.
Story one - Guest House Caning

When he forgets the door code to his guest house, Simon doesn't realise that he is initiating a chain of events that will result in a sound spanking at the hands of his refined and attractive landlady, and will eventually culminate in him submitting willingly to eye-watering canings.
Story two - Spanking Strip Poker

When Jimmy is invited to play strip poker at a friend’s house, he isn't to know that it will progress into a spanking game, but is excited when he has the chance to soundly spank his lovely blind date, Anna. Little did he expect that, many years later, she would have her revenge.

Caning Circle

Simon’s easy life in a solicitor’s office comes to an abrupt end when Abigail Proctor takes over as his new boss. Little does he realise that it also signals changes. The result of these changes is that his secret fantasy about being punished by a beautiful, sadistic lady, soon becomes a very painful reality.

A short story with a BDSM theme involving a dominant lady and a submissive man.

Victorian Birching

When a young man decides to trace his family tree he unwittingly uncovers the sadistic practices of a Victorian ancestor.
His activity re-awakens the ghost of a maid who seeks revenge for her punishment.

Report for the Cane

Whilst out pursuing his landscape photography hobby, Neil stumbles across a mobile phone in the woods. He cannot resist the urge to read the messages and is intrigued to find they are from a female disciplinarian.

He decides to deliberately annoy the sender of the messages, Mistress Harding, in the hope of receiving a taste of the cane himself. However, Neil soon finds himself playing a dangerous game with a very sadistic woman.

An Appointment With Miss Annie Bee

This is a short story which is intended as an introduction to the BDSM stories by the same author. Martyn has been securely bound to the new whipping bench to receive a good thrashing by the sadistic Miss Bee. Will he remember her list of rules to be obeyed or will he be forced to take extra strokes of the tawse for his forgetfulness? Warning: Contains descriptions of violence and pain as well as mild humour.

First Caning

An overheard conversation at a bar starts a chain of events that leads to Cameron receiving his first stroke of the cane - the first of many. It is also the first stroke that Imogen has ever administered and she is determined to make it memorable. She, of course, succeeds spectacularly.

Nostalgic Caning

When, one day, Simon's work takes him close to where he was brought up, he decides to take a drive along the street where he lived. Memories are stirred as he parks outside the house where he once heard his heartthrob, Sally, receiving a sound caning. He imagines it must have been excruciating. He soon discovers it was.

This is a low priced, short example of Annie Bee's corporal punishment stories. There are other higher content, longer stories for sale as ebooks on Amazon.